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Why Study in Cyprus?

Part of the European Union, what makes Cyprus one of the in demand study destinations can be attributed to its wonderful tourist attractions, beautiful sunny beaches, affordable living costs and accommodation and high quality European standard of education.



The choice to study in Cyprus is logical for people looking for high quality European Education, at an affordable rate in the back drop of one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Europe.



Cyprus is home to many international students of diverse backgrounds. The government allows international students to work 20 hours in a week during term time. Students can earn between 500-600 euros a month, which goes a long way in helping them further their education in the country.



Applicants will receive an automatic 50% scholarship off their tuition fees each year should they apply with us. This brings their tuition and hostel accommodation fees to approximately US$4,500 a year.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees


Residence Hall Accommodation Fees With Meal Plans

On Campus Single Plus US$4,500

On Campus Double Plus US$3,500

On Campus Triple Plus US$2,900

Three Bed-room Single US$3,900

Residence Hall Accommodation Fees Without Meal Plans

Single Plus US$2,240

Double Plus US$1,240

Triple Plus US$1,540

Double Suite US$1,040

Single Suite US$1,440

Double Suite US$1,040

Apply now, lets begin your journey in Cyprus!

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