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Why Canada?

Canada is home to a diverse group of people from around the world. It is one of the top countries to live, work and study. Canada is a safe and welcoming community to call home for the period of your academic journey.

Residents enjoy a high quality of life and access to one of the worlds state of the art urban centers and facilities, magnificent scenic landscapes and culture.

Canada ranks 1st in quality of life by "Best Countries" in 2018, 1st in best reputation by "The Reputation Institute" in 2017 and 2nd best country in the world in 2018 by "Best Countries".

After graduating as an international student, there are viable opportunities to obtain your work permit to begin that transition from university graduate, to corporate employee.

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Earn a living while you study

Let's introduce you to the Co-op programme. This paid work experience programme provides you with the opportunity to implement the theoretical knowledge studied during lectures, in a professional work setting.


This creates avenues for you to explore diverse professions while still in the university, earn a living, develop intrinsic work based skills and expand your network of people in the corporate world and on campus. The expected average weekly salary for Arts and Science is $569 CAD and for Business and Economics $693-821 CAD.


At the end of your undergraduate degree, you graduate with relevant work experience, a diverse resume and knowledge of significant job sectors to help guide your professional decisions.

Successful Work Team

Academic Systems

  • Cambridge Educational System

  • International Baccalaureate


  • Canadian System

  • American Curriculum

Application Deadline

November 2021

Tuition Fees

$32,853 CAD - $42,533 CAD Includes

  • Full time tuition

  • Residency

  • Campus Meal

  • Heath Insurance

  • Text Books

  • Incidental fees

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