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Why the Foundation Year?

There are various routes into international higher education or universities. These avenues are available but not limited to students who may have completed their IGCSE, AS' Level, A' Level, WASSCE or IB' Diploma.

The Foundation year or programme allows students aged 17 years and over, who did not meet the needed entry requirements for undergraduate study to make up the necessary grades needed for progression into the first year of undergraduate studies. This programme is usually completed within a year. The Foundation year is ideal for students who have completed the WASSCE, A levels, or IB' Diploma.

For students who have completed either AS' Level or IGCSE, this avenue is ideal as it provides immediate progression into undergraduate year after one year. This allows students to progress into the university a year ahead of their peers, and graduate from the university a year ahead of their peers who choose to graduate with the A' Levels or IB Diploma.

Our partner universities, offer exceptional career progression for students who choose to enroll in the undergraduate year after completing the Foundation programme with them.

Tuition Fees

Foundation Pathway

€ 12,050

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