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Innovate Edu-Consult provides international higher education opportunities to a niche clientele of students who can afford the cost of tuition, but do not meet the needed grades for undergraduate study in international universities.

We believe in second chances and the ability of students to achieve academic success at the university level despite shortcomings in their senior high school finals. We work with clients who can self-fund their studies, and have the drive to pursue an international education. We believe the reason why parents place a premium on higher education is to provide a pathway to financial independence for their wards.

Our major areas of focus are educational opportunities in Germany, Cyprus, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. Each country represents a unique opportunity for students to excel in their academics while gaining significant experience in a fast-paced dynamic and vibrant culture.

Prospective clients who apply through us can be guaranteed that our company has a working relationship with the universities we have on offer in each country. This should alleviate the fear of not receiving an offer of admission from the university. Our company does not begin an application process without a strong belief in the success of the application.


We believe the future of every country lies in the youth and children. Most major economies in the world have advanced through the use of innovation and technology. The next wave of development will always be carried on by the younger generation hence the importance of creating opportunities that will help them to realize their potential. We hope to achieve this by facilitating their development through university placements while seeking development opportunities for any young associate who joins the team.



Abena Boakyewa-Yiadom

 If you have issues finding a good international university,

Innovate Edu-Consult has got you! I am currently studying a bachelor's degree in Economics in the Netherlands and I love it!!

Pallavi Tiwari,

What I liked about IEC, was the assurance they gave me with regards to securing a university for me as my situation was a bit out of the norm. I am currently studying business in Kharkiv in Ukraine.

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